When you’re out on the road, on the open sea, or perhaps even up in the air, you’re likely to feel the itch of fight or flight. Speeding, cruising, soaring, jumping, whatever adventure you may be pursuing, you’ll be thinking of one thing and one thing only: survival.

Sure you’ve got safety gear to keep yourself protected, but what’s keeping your mobile device – your soul source of communication with the rest of the world – safe and functioning throughout the toughest outdoor or urban battle?

Urban Armor Gear’s line of expertly constructed cases keeps your mobile device safe amidst the wear and tear of urban living and your most treacherous outdoor adventures. Think of Urban Armor Gear as your safety pack for your favorite mobile device – whether an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, HTC One, or iPad/IPad Mini.

Easy Asset Protection

You may not think of your smartphone or iPad as an “asset,” but that’s exactly what it is. It contains your professional and personal data, and lets you explore the entire globe – arctic to arctic – via the web. On life’s adventure, your mobile device is your compass; don’t put it at risk.

Urban Armor Gear’s line of mobile device cases was constructed to withstand the hard falls, skids, and hits that come with an extreme lifestyle. Our research and development team calculated the perfect formula of hard outer shell and soft impact resistant core to keep your device crisp, clean, functioning, and scratch-free.

You wouldn’t mountain bike without a helmet or skydive without a parachute – so why leave your mobile device vulnerable? Gear up with our sturdy cases designed by thrill-seekers like you, for thrill-seekers, just like you.

Choose Your Android or iPhone Case

Urban Armor Gear offers sleek, yet rugged cases for iPads, iPad Minis, HTC One, iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy Note II, Samsung Galaxy S4, and Samsung Galaxy SIII. Each iPhone case comes with our unique case molding and offers a variety of features to protect your device from wear and tear, including:

  • Armor shell and impact resistant soft core
  • HD adhesive screen protector
  • Skid pads and screen

In addition to protecting the appearance and operation of the device, an iPhone case from Urban Armor Gear has features that preserve the device’s functionality, including:

  • Lightweight construction
  • Oversized buttons with easy access to touch-screen and ports
  • Glare-free flash photos and high-quality audio

Need Help Deciding?

If you aren’t sure which case would work best for your smartphone or iPad Mini, just check out the Video Reviews section of our homepage, where we demonstrate how to use our products, discuss their advantages, and show real life demonstrations of just how protective our smart device cases really are.

Urban Armor Gear seeks to protect rock climbers, skiers, skydivers, and all those tapping their foot at their desk, waiting, for their next adventure. If you’ve been looking for the toughest Android or iPhone case for your mobile phone or device, explore the collection on our site.