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Watch Further // Pat Moore

Further Series with Pat Moore

UAG Ambassador Pat Moore is a legend in snowboarding, a status earned through years of pushing the limits in the backcountry and in the streets. He has always been known to hit the biggest stuff and to do whatever it takes to get it done, including some of the heaviest slams.Through it all Pat has done it with style and integrity, something that makes him extra revered in the snowboard community and allowing him to take both his riding and career Further.

“I feel like I got very lucky with snowboarding. The mountain was like my babysitter, I look back at my earlier snowboarding career and I was so focused and so intense. In many ways that work ethic helped create the career I had…” - Pat Moore

As Pat continues to move forward in his career, he speaks with us about how his definition of going Further has evolved over time and how now, as a parent and one of the main ambassadors of the sport, he hopes to share the sport he loves and grow the community as much as possible.


More about UAG Ambassador, Pat Moore:

Pat Moore is a professional snowboarder from New Hampshire now residing in South Lake Tahoe. His career has spanned nearly 20 years and has garnered X-Games Real Snow medals, multiple top 10 Riders Of The Year awards and signature products. Pat’s most valued accolades are the creation of the Methodology contest series that raises money for local efforts and non-profits as well as his participation in the Risk Maturity course which teaches avalanche and mountain safety to professional snowboarders and film crews.

Photos by: Jussi Oksanen

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