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Life on the road with professional landscape photographer, filmmaker, and adventurer, Kyle Vandever is anything but ordinary. Surrounded by awe-inspiring views and mind-blowing natural wonders, with every exploration and countless hours on the road, Kyle’s appreciation for his craft grows deepers. His creative drive and adventures have taken him backpacking through Japan, cruising through the Redwoods, riding through the countryside of Vietnam, and exploring the jungles in Costa Rica, just to name a few. Though the exotic destinations are places he will never forget, Idaho will always remain home.

Over the years, Kyle has shared his stories and continued to inspire others to find their passions and places of peace. Now exploring the country in his newly adopted 1994 Chevy G20, Kyle is taking a step back from the lens, enjoying every moment, and finding clarity on the things that really matter.

“One of the many beautiful things about being in nature is, it’s incredible power and ease to put your mind at peace. Whether it’s hiking, camping, photography, skiing, or riding. These quiet spots have a funny way of slowing life down, and forcing you to live in the present. It’s a teacher to some, and a sanctuary for others. But, truly needed by all.” - Kyle Vandever

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