"To be a surfer in New York, you have to want it."

Laguna Beach surfer and skimboarder, Tyler Stanaland knows all too well what it’s like to live that laid back California lifestyle. Raised by a mother and father who were avid surfers and lived with consistent surf at their disposal, his life revolved around the ocean.

Before going back to school, Tyler pursued a professional career in surfing where he spent his days traveling the world and chasing swells. In 2012, when traveling to Mexico for a surf trip, Tyler experienced extreme abdominal pain that was soon diagnosed as a severe auto-immune disease that caused ulcers in his large intestine. That diagnosis soon turned life-threatening when a routine test perforated his intestine, leaving him unknowingly septic. Tyler underwent seven surgeries and spent almost 100 days in the hospital, but even after it all, he still wasn’t ready to give up surfing.

With a new lease on life and second birth to his surf career, Tyler has recovered and back in the water, taking the waves head on and appreciating life more than ever. 


“I always tell people that was the best worst thing that ever happened to me. It put things into perspective in a way only an event like that can. It made me realize what a blessing life is. I owe everything I am to that journey because it changed my entire life for the better.”

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